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VP/Secretary: Jenn Kautz

Well, I married into a car family – a Mopar one at that!  When I graduated from college and went to purchase my first car (no more family “hand-me-downs”), Rich told me that it had to be a Mopar if he was going to help maintain it.  So, a 1992 Plymouth Duster it was!!  Fast forward to the redesign of the Challenger in was love at first sight.  Or first drive, which was at Pitt Race (BeavRun at the time) when Rich & I had the chance to meet Ralph Gilles and Erich Heuschele, who tossed me the keys to Ralph’s Challenger to drive around the paddock.  We purchased 2011 Challenger SRT8 in August of 2011. It wasn’t long before I was tracking it at Pitt Race.  The 2011 was then traded in on a 2016 Challenger Hellcat in November 2015.  Rich & I enjoy cruising around in both the Challenger and our 2002 Viper GTS.  As a founding officer of the region, I consider the members of the Western Reserve as extended family.  I hope to see and meet you at an upcoming event. 

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