President: Rich Kautz


I was born into the Mopar family.  My father and Uncle both worked for Chrysler dealers early in their careers.  I really don’t remember my family owning anything but Mopars.  From the very first concept I saw of the Dodge Viper, I was determined to own one.  When we built our house, I insisted upon making sure there was a parking space specifically for a Viper.  We later purchased a 2002 Viper GTS in October of 2005.  Jenn and I both love any two lane-twisting road, but always look forward to one of our favorites here in PA – the gorgeous Route 30 through the Laurel Highlands.  I long for the days when I get to enjoy some track time at Pitt Race with the Viper. But also look forward to taking the Viper out for cruising around.  Whether it’s tracking the Viper or cruising around, it’s even better with Jenn joining in the Challenger. 

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2017 | Western Reserve Viper Club